Based on many years of experience gained at home and abroad in sugar industry we make both, individual machines, equipment  as well as complete objects and full scale revamping.
We are the manufacture and supplier of:

  • lime kilns and lime plants dedicated to burning of limestone and production of lime milk, this includes: lime kiln for the burning of limestone; lime plant with a set of equipment for lime slacking and lime milk purification; haulage systems for transportation of limestone and anthracite from the storage area to the reservoir of raw materials; processing line for carburetted gas purification and transportation / lime kiln exhausts.
  • Thin-layer precipitation evaporators with juice distributor of special design ensuring optimal distribution of juice onto each tube,
  • boiling pans with circulating stirrers ensuring the correct operational and processing  conditions,
  • high performance sugar drum dryers and coolers  used in sugar refinery, which maintain good thermal efficiency at low unit cost of production,
  • wet deduster – scrubber for sugar dust extracting from exhaust air.
  • beet pulp rotary dryers of  Ø 3400 x 18200m drum diameter,
  • vertically agitated crystallizer for messecuite, consisting of water cooled and heated crystallizer itself and hydraulically driven vertical paddle-type of mixer,
  • counter-current extractor of raw beet cassette for continuous diffusion of beet cell sap
  • resting on rotary rollers the drum mixer  for soft coating of dragger and confectionery  with syrups and sugar powder.