The ŚFUP for the most part, have based its activities on the singular and short production runs. Various engineering production activities are carried out thanks to equipment used for:

  • oxyacetylene flame cutting, plasma cutting and water jet cutting,
  • prebending, rolling and automatic and semi-automatic gas shield welding,
  • machining(turning, milling, planning, boring, drilling),
  • arc welding and flux-cored metal active gas welding MAG,
  • tungsten insert gas welding, TIG
  • TIG/MAG combination welding,
  • coated electrode arc welding, MMA
  • jet abrasive cleaning  – jet abrasive done in abrasive shot chamber, inclusive of ball peening, of metal surfaces,
  • airless corrosion protection of metal surfaces,

For the construction and repair of equipment use:

  • carbon steel,
  • stainless and alloy steel.