At present we have at our service a team of highly qualified designing specialists, equipped with computer workstations enhanced by SolidWorks and AutoCAD software, which are used to work out conceptual 2D modelling and then full 3D final engineering documentation. All machines designed by our Engineering Design Office complying with set requirements and procedures allowing us to affix the required CE mark on all our products. Thanks to use at will of engineering design office we are able to offer the production of apparatus and equipment based on  received  from Client conceptual guidelines followed by detailed manufacturing and licensing  drawings and documentation.

Our engineering design office offers a range of technical service, for example:

  • drawing of design based on templates, working out of Bill of Materials accompanied by detailed manufacturing drawings,
  • technical documentation working out whilst keeping required technical standards,
  • converting provided by others engineering documentation,
  • designing of machines, equipment, components and steel structures according to client’s guidelines.